Robin PLA

PhD in Sports Science.

I have recently obtained a PhD in Sports Science. My research work has mainly focused on the analysis of the effects of different training strategies in swimming. Several studies have revealed the impact of training load and different intensity zones, stress on performance, physiological responses and fatigue in high performance swimmers. All this work led to the writing of 6 articles within the framework of this thesis, 4 of which were written as the first author. Five have already been published in an international magazine.
These works have been integrated into the research topics of the two laboratories to which I belong (SEP and IRMES, National Institute of Sports), where the improvement of sports performance is the priority. The complementary research protocols used in my thesis taught me to use different methodological tools with very different scientific approaches.
In this context, I had the opportunity to transcribe this scientific research to the French national swimming teams, with whom I carried out numerous physiological tests. This relationship between scientific theory and practical application has allowed me to identify new ways of conceiving training, with a much more significant scientific approach.
During these years, I was also able to capture this learning through different university and federal courses. The synergy between scientific research, university teaching and the professional world has been my guiding principle.