Ricardo Jorge Pinto Fernandes

Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sport – University of Porto.

Areas of interest

He is Interested on the biophysical characterization specially centred on the availability and use of energy in cyclic sports: (i) determination of the bioenergetical profile, understanding the kinetics of oxygen consumption and lactate production, which allow assessing the energy cost of the movement and (ii) relationship of these physiological parameters with biomechanical variables, particularly with kinematics, but also kinetics, electrical muscular activity and thermography. He also interested in planning and periodization, and training control and evaluation of athletes. Most recently, he has been engaged in water polo game analysis (by identifying the determinant factors that affect decisively the success of players and teams) and on postural and muscular training aiming for therapeutic/clinic purposes. He integrates the Porto Biomechanics Laboratory that developed a seven force plates instrumented block for swimming starts, a cable EMG apparatus, a startmeter for analysing intracyclic velocity fluctuations and an instrumented surf board that can be used for data acquisition in several nautical activities.

His main skills/activities are: (i) main investigator of funded research & development projects; (ii) Editor-in-Chief of the Portuguese Journal of Sports Sciences and ex-Editor-in-Chief of The Open Sports Sciences Journal, Associated Editor of the Elite Sports and Performance Enhancement section of Frontiers in Sports and Active Living and member of the editorial board, scientific committee and review boards of peer-reviewed scientific and technical journals; (iii) author of 171 papers in journals displayed on Scopus, with a H index of 23; (iv) editor of books; (v) invited reviewer of over than 150 manuscripts submitted to impact factor journals; (vi) supervising experience of 11 PhD and 40 masters students; (vii) member of the scientific and organizing committees of international level congresses; (viii) chairman of podium and poster sessions in scientific events; (ix) invited speaker in Sport Sciences related Congresses (e.g. the FINA Medical Congress’2016); (xi) director of courses of swimming coaches education; (x) swimming coach from 1994-2010 in the Portuguese age-group national team, the University of Porto team and club teams.

Keywords: Sport Science, aquatic activities, exercise physiology, biomechanics