¡NEW WORKSHOP!: Training Periodization in swimming: what does science tell us? Research based on evidence.

Objective: The aim of this workshop is to identify the main characteristics of endurance training for highly trained swimmers described by the training intensity distribution (TID), volume, and periodization models. 


  • Relation between science and the concept of periodization. 
  • Understand the concepts of periodization (different forms) and programming. 
  • training intensity distribution (TID), volume, and periodization models according to the scientific literature. 


Workshop date: 6th of October 2022. (Time: 18:00-19.00 h. Madrid Local Time) 


Speaker: Professor Jose Maria González Ravé. Member of EUSWIM Board.  


Attendants: This workshop is for PhD and master students; other students of sports sciences degrees are also welcome.  Maximum number of attendants allowed is 10.  


Workshop fees: free of charge. Please, complete the Enrolment Form and press SUBMIT to book your place on www.euswim.eu  -> Here 


1st Conference of the European Network of Swimming perfomance, 10-11 November 2021 (Online event)

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