José María González Ravé

Program Leader of Master Degree in Sport Sciences Research at University of Castilla-La Mancha.

José María González Ravé was born in Córdoba, Spain (1971). In 2001, finished his PhD in Sport Sciences at the University of Granada, (Spain). Currently holds a position of Full Professor (Catedrático de Universidad) at the University of Castilla la Mancha (UCLM), for teaching and researching in Theory and Methodology of Sport Training (Degree) and Advances in Sport Training Research, course of master of sport sciences and doctoral courses. 11 Ph.D. Thesis supervised, 5 in process. Three research periods evaluated positively by ANEP-ANECA. Three teaching periods evaluated positively by UCLM. I have published 62 impact factor articles indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), 14 of them in Q1. Overall, I have published more than 115 articles and 5 books, the last one published in 2014 ( Libros/Libro/5066/Entrenamiento-Deportivo.html. He is the director from the Laboratory of Sport Training since 2009, ( instalaciones.asp), that monitoring the sport performance of the best National and International athletes funded by the regional government of Castilla la Mancha. In the Laboratory, he heads the Sport Performance research group ( grupos.aspx?gr=158&inf=oft) and he is the secretary of Centre of Olympic Studies (COS) located in Castilla la Mancha, a national Olympic-research Centre that covers all Castilla la Mancha territory. Currently, he is program leader of Master degree in Sport Sciences Research. His research activity is mainly focused on Strength and Conditioning, having produced several publications in peer-review journals (http:// and textbooks (seven books printed in differents spanish editorials), and main researcher by national and regional granted projects. These outcomes were achieved in collaboration with reference international researchers (e.g. David B Pyne, David Poole, Robert U Newton, J.P. Vilas Boas and others). He is Director of Swimming and Aquatic Activities Postgraduate Course carried out by spanish swimming royal federation (RFEN) and UCLM, he was Vicedean of Faculty of Sport Sciences (2012-2016), Secretary from Academic Affairs at the faculty of Sport Sciences (2016-2018), also Coordinator of the degree in Sports Sciences (2012-2016). Currently he is Program Leader of MSc of Physical Activity and Sport and Secretary of Castilla la Mancha Olympic Studies Center.

Publications in the last 5 years related to swimming and training

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