The EUSWIM network members are researchers based in Europe. For a list of researchers and their areas of expertise, see below”. A list of centres of swimming research, with overview of their facilities, is also provided

Faculty Staff

Name Title and Affiliation Areas of Expertise
Associate Professor in Biomechanics, University of Edinburgh, UK
Biomechanics of swimming. Interdisciplinary research on aquatic sports. Aquatic exercise therapy for health and rehabilitation.

PhD students

Name Affiliation Title of Thesis
University of Edinburgh, UK
Three-Dimensional Kinematics in Backstroke Swimming: Reliability, Isokinetic Strength and Asymmetries at Sub-Maximal and Maximal Paces.

Centres for Swimming Research

Centre Facilities for Swimming Research
25m indoors pool with movable floor. Six-camera system for combined above and below water analysis. Waterproof electromyography system. Other physiology, isokinetic, and generic sport science equipment.