EUSWIM Schedule. Second edition. Toledo (Spain).19 October 2022.

Morning (Official language: Spanish. translation to English if required)
10:00h Official opening of EUSWIM Spain meeting.
Dr. Enrique Hernando Barrio (Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences).
D. David Amores García (President of CASTILLA LA MANCHA Swimming Federation)
Dr. José María González Ravé. (Deputy Chair of EUSWIM)
10:30h Aims of the EUSWIM Spain meeting. Future of swimming research. 
1. Alejandro López Hernandez (Federación Natación CLM).
2. José María González Ravé (UCLM).
3. Inmaculada Yustres Amores (UFV).
4. Blanca De la Fuente Caynzos (CAR Sierra Nevada).
5. Santiago Veiga Fernández (UPM).
11:20h Specific meetings by different research areas.
11:30h Coffee break
Afternoon Session (12.00) Discussion panel by different research areas (Official language: Spanish)
13:00h K4 telemetry system demonstration in swimming pool by the company Cosmed-Tecnomed 2000. 
14:15h Lunch break (Sponsored by Cosmed-Tecnomed-2000).
15:00-17.00 h Online meeting by the EUSWIM director Stelios Psycharakis (Official language: English).