Training periodization for a world-class 400 meters individual medley swimmer

We present a case study of the periodized training by a world-class 400-m Individual Medley(IM) swimmer (4th in 2019 World Championships) in the season leading to a bronze medal in the 2018 EuropeanChampionship. The complexity of this IM preparation was based on the experiences, observations and innovationsof an Olympic swimming coach. Over 52 weeks, a […]

Influence of early specialization in world-ranked swimmers and general patterns to success

Authors: Inmaculada Yustres, Jesús Santos Del Cerro, Raúl Martín, Fernando González-Mohíno, Oliver Logan, José María González-Ravé Objectives: The primary goal was to examine the influence of early specialization on the performance of senior elite swimmers. Secondly, to provide information about the influence of swim style, distance, sex, status, country, years of high-level competition (YHLC) and age in swimmer’s performance. Design: Data was […]

Adaptations to Swimming Training in Athletes with Down’s Syndrome

Authors: José María González-Ravé, Anthony P Turner, Shaun M Phillips Swimming training programs may help to limit declines in cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, mobility and social functioning in individuals with Down’s Syndrome (DS): (1) Background: This study aims to analyze the effects of a periodized swimming training program on swimming speed, lower body force and power and […]

SwimOne. New Device for Determining Instantaneous Power and Propulsive Forces in Swimming

Authors: Francisco Hermosilla, Lis Corral-Gómez , José M González-Ravé, Daniel Juárez Santos-García , David Rodríguez-Rosa, Sergio Juárez-Pérez, Fernando J Castillo-Garcia The propulsive forces and instantaneous power that are generated by a swimmer have a great influence on the swimming performance. This works presents a new device, called SwimOne, for measuring propulsive force and estimating the instantaneous power of the swimmer. In […]

Differences in force production and EMG activity on underwater and dry land conditions in swimmers and non-swimmers

Authors: Francisco Hermosilla Perona, Leandro Machado, Filipa Sousa, J Paulo Vilas-Boas, José M González Ravé This research aims to provide a better understanding of the swimming push-off specificity comparing force production and electromyographic (EMG) activity on squat-jumps (SJ) and countermovement-jumps (CMJ) performed underwater (similar to swimming turns push-off) and dryland conditions on two different level of expertise participants (swimmers […]

Periodization and Programming for Individual 400 m Medley Swimmers

Authors: Francisco Hermosilla , José M González-Rave , José Antonio Del Castillo , David B Pyne Knowledge in the scientific domain of individual medley (IM) swimming training over a competitive season is limited. The purpose of this study was to propose a detailed coaching framework incorporating the key elements of a periodized training regimen for a 400 m […]